Price falls on Yamaha RX-Z9 receiver

Now that didn’t take long. Yamaha’s do-everything RX-Z9 home theatre receiver has just fallen in price here in Australia, from $AUS11,999 to $9,999. Perhaps the strong Australian dollar has something to do with it. Or is it getting cheaper overseas as well? Anyone out there want to let me know?

UPDATE (Tuesday, 17 February 2004, 11:29 pm): Reader Tom (yes, the same one as below) writes:

As a regular visitor to avsforum (US), avforum (UK) and (Germany) I think I would have heard something about a price drop. Also checked the Yamaha websites and the RRPs are still the same. It’s clearly a case of mis-marketing here in Australia (what were they thinking!) and even A$10.000 is still way too much.

Current Yamaha RRPs are
US 4499 [$5,700]
Euro 4799 [$7,900]
Pounds 3299.95 [$8,000]

The prices in square brackets on that list are the approximate values in Australian dollars, inserted by me. Hmm, I think Tom has a point.

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