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Surprising prices

(Sorry for the lack of posts lately.) Lately I’ve been quite startled by the incredibly low prices of a lot of gear. Right now I’m in the process of unpacking a fifty inch Panasonic 3D plasma TV. It’s RRP is … Continue reading

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Monsters and High Definition

I’ve previously mentioned the Quick Hitts podcast a couple of times. Dave Hitt has a superbly professional manner and tone in his podcasts on his wide ranging, but generally fairly libertarian subjects. I find a great deal to agree with … Continue reading

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The continuing price reductions

One advantage of having to manually load all the old Blog entries into the new platform is that I rediscover some of them. For example, back in August 2005 I wrote about the reduction in price of a 40 inch … Continue reading

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No excuses not to go Blu-ray

My reviews of several different Blu-ray players will be appearing in the next Sound and Image magazine. Included are a couple of the Sony Blu-ray players. The editor, Jez Ford, tells me that the prices have plummetted since I wrote … Continue reading

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Badge Engineering

Well, it turns out that high-end brand Lexicon has released a Blu-ray player which is really the Oppo BDP-83 with Lexicon cosmetics. Audioholics makes a pretty convincing case here. Nothing wrong with that, necessarily, except that Lexicon insists that it … Continue reading

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Sony launches new Blu-ray Players, sets feline loose amongst avian rats

Well, Sony has done two launches in two days. Yesterday it unveiled a whole bunch of stuff including a 200Hz LCD TV (apparently it interpolates three new frames between each incoming real picture frame). Another new LCD TV uses hundreds … Continue reading

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Okay, you can buy a Sony TV now

The Sony promo has started. If you purchase a full high definition Sony Bravia LCD TV in Australia during July, you can also get a Playstation 3 for free. Until, that is, 35,000 of them have gone. As I write, … Continue reading

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Australians: do not buy a full high definition Sony Bravia TV …

…¬†until 1 July. Sony will, from that date, be giving away a free Sony Playstation 3 console with each full HD Bravia TV sold. 35,000 of them. You have been warned.

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HiFi funnies of the day

[Via Transterrestrial Musings] I have huge respect for the brand Denon. Its range encompasses decent, reasonably priced stuff (nothing really mass market) through to some seriously high end gear. But I do have to wonder how it can bring itself … Continue reading

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A little bit of history

I rarely toss out old stuff that I’ve written. I have on the next to me, for example, photocopies of all my police notebooks from 1979 to 1985, and just about everything else I’ve written since. The same is true … Continue reading

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