To spam, or not to spam!

There are various spambots out there that look for blog commenting facilities to which they can add advertisements for some or other crap. By definition whatever they are advertising is crap, or they wouldn’t use such underhanded methods.

Since I have to approve each user on his or her first making of a comment, I can simply mark these as spam. And I do.

But recently I’ve just received first posting approval emails for comments which aren’t spam in themselves, but are curiously non-specific. For example, yesterday in response to my Power, chemical and electrical post from over two months ago, I received a first-comment-email-approval-request for this comment (sic):

i still dont know whether i agree with you on this one or not. but its good arumentative post.

Now, this could be perfectly legitimate, but it seems to me to be worded specifically so that it can be applied to just about anything. If it were spam and I were to approve it, then it would probably be picked up on a subsequent crawl by a spambot, whereupon it could unleash its full tirade of spam.

I considered emailing the reported commenter, but that would simply provide the spammer with my confirmed email address.

So I’m consigning this comment to ‘Spam’ treatment. If it was a legit comment by a real human being, then please find my email address on this site and contact me, so I can restore your words.

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