If Audiophile USB cables are valid, then …

… surely we need audiophile network cables — CatAudiophile, perhaps? — to make sure the packets of precious audio digits are streamed without degradation from server to client.

But, OMG, what about wireless! If you’re streaming over an IEEE 802.11n WiFi network, then surely the air between the wireless access point and the WiFi device must be treated!

And what encryption protocol should be chosen? After all, those fragile digital bits are transformed by the security system into quite different digital bits. And they have to be transformed back before they can be heard. Shouldn’t WEP, WPA and WPA2 be evaluated for which best preserves the musicality of the source? The encryption also depends on the specific key chosen. Should one use 64 or 128 bits? The digital transport is quite different if one uses E489E3AA0A as the key instead of E489E3AA0B. Should not all the possible key combinations also be evaluated for their impact on the music?

Or maybe it’d be better to just go naked, to avoid this unnecessary tampering with the purity of the signal.

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