Why most subwoofers disappoint me

I’m reviewing an Anthem MRX700 home theatre receiver. This has a very elaborate EQ system called ‘Anthem Room Correction’. It comes with a USB microphone and a long cable to reach to a computer. A disc with the software that runs the whole thing. A quite respectable looking adjustable microphone stand. And a long RS-232C cable. Because, unfortunately, RS-232C is how the receiver communicates with a computer.

One thing that this system does which most don’t is show you the results. And here is the result for my subwoofer, my old Paradigm Servo 15:

Paradigm Servo 15 frequency response

The red line is the measured response. Note how it is only 1dB down at 20 hertz? There are still very few subwoofers that can do that.

The power supply is getting a little buzzy, though, after all these years. I wonder if the transformer can be replaced.

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