Rachel from Kitchen Valient… is the name of a four member music group, of which two of my daughters constitute half. They’ve been writing songs for quite a while, and practising pretty assiduously. They have now uploaded to Facebook a couple of their songs, freshly recorded. ‘Roman Days’ sees the whole group in action with Becki leading vocals supported by Rachel who also plays bass, Ginny on acoustic guitar and Sam on electric. ‘Camelot Blast’ was written and performed by Rachel and Sam.

Both songs are excellent. Go on, have a listen! They are both right here!

And believe me, this isn’t by any means the full range of their material. I shall post from time to time as they put more songs up. Some of them have got a very interesting metallish bite to them.

Update (7 February 2011): I am informed that the name is one word, not two. So I’ve changed the title.

Ginny from Kitchen Valient

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