Who is bringing Miss Potter into the US?

The US arm of Amazon.com has the Blu-ray version of Miss Potter listed for sale on its website. Under ‘Product Details’ it has ‘Studio’ listed as ‘101 DISTRIBUTION’. I emailed 101 Distribution because I wanted to see if it was importing this disc (which I suspect may be a problem for some US purchasers because fewer US TVs are designed to work with 50 hertz media than Australian TVs designed to work with 60 hertz). That company replied thus:

We have been recently confused by the number of inquiries coming in regarding Blu Ray products. Somehow, our company is being listed as the distributor/producer/production house for Blu Ray titles. We do not import anything more than music. We’re sorry we couldn’t be of more assistance.

So who is Amazon getting its supplies from?

UPDATE (Thursday, 22 January 2009, 12:00 am): My brother, who is particularly observant, advises me that the pack shot of the Miss Potter Blu-ray at amazon.com is actually the Australian version. He is dead right. Here’s a snippet of the page:

Compare that cover with the cover shown at this post. See that ‘G’ in a triangle in a green panel: that is a code mandated by Australian legislation. Is it possible that Amazon is selling the Australian version of this movie? Will its 50 hertz predeliction cause problems for US purchasers? I’m awaiting answers.

UPDATE 2 (Friday, 23 January 2009, 2:14 pm): In light of 101 DISTRIBUTION advising me that they have nothing to do with Miss Potter or Blu-ray, I tried drawing Amazon.com’s attention to the matter using its correction form. My proposed correction was rejected. Oh well.

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