IceTV saves the day

I am a huge fan of the US TV show ‘Heroes‘. But it has been hard to watch, thanks to the TV station here, PrimeTV, shuffling it around the TV programming schedule. Season 3 came to a premature end late last year, but there was a suggestion it would reappear early this year. I went away to join my family mid-week for a few days of holiday, and returned yesterday to discover that the resumption took place last Thursday evening. I figured I had missed it.

That was particularly irritating because of the way that ‘Heroes’ is structured as a complex array of intersecting stories, with those intersections largely coming in the last couple of episodes. This missed episode was the penultimate one for the season.

But just in case I checked my Beyonwiz PVR. And, lo and behold, there it was!

There was no magic involved. It’s just that last year some time I had marked on IceTV my interest in recording all episodes of ‘Heroes’ as they appeared. The Beyonwiz is plugged into my network, and it periodically interrogates this website to download up to date electronic program guides, plus information on programs to record.

Similar facilities are apparently available using TiVo. If you’re keen on not missing recordings, these are well worth checking out.

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