Iron Man succeeds

Well, that explains things. A couple of posts ago I mentioned that US watchers of Iron Man on Blu-ray were having their Playstation 3s seize up on loading the disc. No wonder. It seems that the Blu-ray version of this disc sold 260,000 copies on the very first day (and half a million in the first week). Presumably the Internet site to which it linked was initially overloaded.

The report also mentions that compared to the 500,000 Blu-ray discs of this movie sold in the first week, 7.2 million DVDs were sold. That’s an impressive result … for Blu-ray. Some seven per cent of sales were Blu-ray. Okay, that proportion is probably biased since enthusiasts probably also tend to be early adopters of technology. Nonetheless, it does give cause for hope that Blu-ray is succeeding, and will be a format here to stay.

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