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Guest comment on Warner Bros disc policy

This is in regard to the previous post, in which I’ve disclosed Warner Bros’ rather strange actions on disc reviews. I passed this on to my editors, as well as to the local head of Warner Bros here in Australia. … Continue reading

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File list complications?

Pixar Blu-ray discs typically have the main content spread over lots of files in order to facilitate the delivery of different on-screen text languages. 3D discs typically have multiple files to support the format. They use a regular *.m2ts file … Continue reading

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Roadshow Entertainment releases

Roadshow Entertainment releases. I see that Roadshow Entertainment will be releasing the Lord of the Rings Trilogy on Blu-ray as a box set on 5 August 2010, with an RRP of $99.95 for anyone that wants to save a few … Continue reading

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Video vs PC settings

As a comment to this post, Victor suggests: You made some recommendations on settings in your S&I artical which I found useful, at least to confirm my own observations and assumptions. There was another setting I changed which was not … Continue reading

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Gone With the Wind: Blu-ray vs DVD

I think this is the oldest live-action movie I’ve done yet. Half a dozen comparison shots here, and here’s a sample (DVD to left, Blu-ray to right):

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A further Blu-ray giveaway – Angels and Demons

This is a ‘Testmold’ disc, which means that it don’t have a proper label and so forth, nor a proper Blu-ray box, nor a slick, but it works just like a bought one. Has both Extended and Theatrical versions my … Continue reading

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How’s the Ticker going?

Recent Universal Blu-ray discs have a ‘Ticker’ feature on their menu system. Sort of. The ticker is a bar of text in the top right part of the screen and it is supposed to display some messages that came with … Continue reading

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BD-Live on Star Trek

The Star Trek Blu-ray comes with an excellent package of extras: Commentary; Starfleet Vessel Simulator (graphical info feature); 9 Deleted scenes with Optional Commentary (1080p24, MPEG4 AVC, 2 x DD2.0 @ 224kbps – 14 mins); 30 Featurettes (1080p24, MPEG4 AVC, … Continue reading

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Paramount’s BD-Live commitment

A while back I did a ‘Ten Best’ piece on Blu-rays in Sound and Image. Best picture quality, best sound and so on. For Best BD-Live I put down Transformers on the basis of its downloadable ‘Intelligence Mode’. As it … Continue reading

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BD-Live Travails

Here’s an email I sent last night to ‘BD-Live Help’. I mentioned here a while back how my BD-Live logon with The Da Vinci Code had failed. I whinged to Sony’s PR company at the product launch mentioned in the … Continue reading

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