A Letter to a PR Company

Today I sent an email in the following terms today to a PR company for a large TV manufacturer:

Meanwhile, I know you guys have just started this account, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to make a suggestion. How well a TV performs is in large part a function of how well it has been cared for.

I am uncertain whether this TV performed in a way truly representative of the model because it was so very poorly packed. The carton was held together with the courier’s branded tape (did it fall apart in their custody?) It is clear that there are supposed to be at least six foam blocks holding the TV in place. Two of the corner ones were missing so it was not held securely. The desktop stand was lodged between the inner and outer cartons, held from falling out only by the aforementioned tape.

The manual was on a CD ROM which was sitting in the bottom of the box, out of its sleeve, being pressed down by the weight of the TV. Fortunately it was still readable, which is a testament to the robustness of the CD ROM.

I think I’ve managed to pack it up about as securely as can be managed. Because of the missing foam sections, the desktop stand doesn’t seem to have a proper place, so it is resting within the box. I hope it all gets back to you in one piece.

Incidentally, there was a second remote control in the box that doesn’t appear to do anything.

This was for a $3,000+ LCD TV.

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