DVD Dominance

'Batman Begins' Blu-ray boxYesterday Warner Bros sent me the three Dirty Harry sequels on Blu-ray, along with the ‘Limited Edition Giftset’ Blu-ray for Batman Begins. I watched the latter last night and it was glorious. Great movie to begin with, and superb picture quality on the disc. I shall do a proper review for publication in due course. But one thing I ought to mention is that it will not shelve well with your other Blu-ray discs.

The reason for this is that two of the extras are booklets with comic book and script elements. Pretty decent productions in their own rights, they are clearly sized for packaging with a DVD. So the stylish Blu-ray cardboad outer box is also sized for the DVD. Since Blu-ray disc boxes are shorter than those for DVDs and cardboard spacer sits underneath the plastic disc box.

This kind of thing will change once Blu-ray gains a sufficiently large market, I suppose.

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