HELP! Taking screen shots of Blu-ray

Does anyone know of a tool which allows you to take full frame grabs from Blu-ray and HD DVD on a Windows platform? You can’t do it with PowerDVD (although this does provide it for DVDs). I would love to fill these pages with DVD vs Blu-ray comparisons, but don’t have the capability of doing so, short of photographing a screen. I’ve done that for magazines, but it is far too time-consuming to do for this free site.

UPDATE (Monday, 28 July 2008, 9:21 pm): Reader Geoff suggests Arcsoft Total Media Extreme. I’ve downloaded the trial version, and shall install it when I reckon I might have a few days straight to test it thoroughly before deciding to commit (it has a 15 day limit).

Reader Graham wrote to suggest either a straight PrtScn key press, or several alternative screen capture programs. The first simply doesn’t work. Whenever the latest version of PowerDVD is playing, it blocks out this screen capture technique (not that it ever worked even with DVDs – the playing DVD was dealt with as an additional video layer which wasn’t captured with PrtScn).

I may yet try the other screen capture programs, but it niggles me a bit because I don’t really want to capture what PowerDVD chooses to place on the screen, but the content of the picture before any processing.

Thanks for the help guys!

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