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Kordz, plus Panasonic

A few weeks ago I went looking for a ten metre HDMI cable so it would fit nicely with my bundle of analogue video cables. Until then I had been using a five metre cable that barely stretched from receiver … Continue reading

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Panel TV Price falls continue

I’ve just received a press release from NEC Australia saying that the selling price of its 40 inch (100cm) widescreen LCD TV, the NLT-40W, has been reduced from $9,999 to $5,499 (as I write, the NEC Web site lists the … Continue reading

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Samsung lowers HD plasma prices

For the first time I can recommend a plasma display that retails for less than $AUS5,000. For years I’ve been whining about the 852 x 480 pixel resolution of so-called ‘standard definition’ plasmas as being unsuitable for Australian, Indian and … Continue reading

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Quality Chain Store Staff

I generally recommend that people do their home entertainment shopping at specialty stores, rather than chain or department stores. Two reasons: the former generally have more knowledgable staff, and the latter generally do not have higher end equipment. But the … Continue reading

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Singapore Electronics

Well, I’m back. My absence was due to a family trip, to Bangkok, London, Paris and Singapore. Got home this morning. Many interesting moments, although only some of relevance here. Way back in 1972 my father was posted for a … Continue reading

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Price falls on Yamaha RX-Z9 receiver

Now that didn’t take long. Yamaha’s do-everything RX-Z9 home theatre receiver has just fallen in price here in Australia, from $AUS11,999 to $9,999. Perhaps the strong Australian dollar has something to do with it. Or is it getting cheaper overseas … Continue reading

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