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Just about as dumb as an audiophile USB cable

Been away for a couple of days, folks. In my absence it turned out that the Power Balance Band isn’t capable of delivering the health and performance advantages so many people have attested to, at least according to the Australian … Continue reading

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If Audiophile USB cables are valid, then …

… surely we need audiophile network cables — CatAudiophile, perhaps? — to make sure the packets of precious audio digits are streamed without degradation from server to client. But, OMG, what about wireless! If you’re streaming over an IEEE 802.11n … Continue reading

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Appalling: ‘audiophile’ USB cables

The gains in low-end body and punch, midrange spaciousness and detail, and high-end smoothness alone are significant. So sayeth What Hi-Fi. Apparently if you spend 50 UK pounds on the Wireworld Ultraviolet USB cable (I’m assuming one metre), that’s the … Continue reading

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Free speech

I don’t normally sign petitions and join things. In part that’s because I’m weird enough to find most popular movements to be out and out wrong, or at least wrong in enough big parts to consider them more negative than … Continue reading

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Perhaps Not So Evil Monster (Formerly: Evil Monster)

In my last post I┬áissued a tepid condemnation of Monster Cables’ litigation practices. This evening I followed a link in the show notes for Dave Hitt’s podcast to get a sense of how much Monster Cables seems to be focused … Continue reading

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S-Video, going the way of the Dodo

I’m presently reviewing the new Yamaha RX-V2065 home theatre receiver. One of the first things I do, before even plugging in a receiver, is put it on my desk and count up the inputs and outputs and other connections. I’ve … Continue reading

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Cable Controversy Podcast

Well, it isn’t really a controversy, but I never was very good at headlines. Anyway, ages ago I downloaded a Quick Hitts Podcast entitled ‘Audio Insanity’, with a tagline of ‘You may think you’ve got a great audio system, but … Continue reading

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The Whole Tangled Mess

Go into any number of specialist home entertainment equipment retailers and you can easily spend hundreds of dollars on high quality cables to carry digital audio from your DVD player to your home theatre receiver. It is alleged that these … Continue reading

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HDMI Cable weirdness

What hair I have is so short at the moment that I am unable to get any purchase on it whatsoever. Which is just as well, otherwise after the last couple of hours I would have none left. I start … Continue reading

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The World’s Worst Cable

What happens when you search your cable cupboard, find a collection of random audio cables (at least one a quarter of a century old), join them all together into one 44 metre long hodge-podge, and use it for digital audio? … Continue reading

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