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HDMI Cable weirdness

What hair I have is so short at the moment that I am unable to get any purchase on it whatsoever. Which is just as well, otherwise after the last couple of hours I would have none left. I start … Continue reading

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The World’s Worst Cable

What happens when you search your cable cupboard, find a collection of random audio cables (at least one a quarter of a century old), join them all together into one 44 metre long hodge-podge, and use it for digital audio? … Continue reading

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640kbps Dolby Digital on DVD

One of my daughters gave me the Pink Floyd ‘Pulse’ DVD set for Fathers’ Day yesterday. Absolutely brilliant concert from 1994, with superb sound. I was startled to find under audio options that you can select Dolby Digital 5.1 sound … Continue reading

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Elementary Arithmetic

You have 285,200 births in Australia in 2007, according to the radio this morning, of which an estimated 2,000 are home births. That, says the presenter, is ‘point zero, zero seven per cent of births’. A recent issue of a … Continue reading

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BD-Live Travails

Here’s an email I sent last night to ‘BD-Live Help’. I mentioned here a while back how my BD-Live logon with The Da Vinci Code had failed. I whinged to Sony’s PR company at the product launch mentioned in the … Continue reading

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Blu-ray Error handling

Early this year I foolishly purchased a Blu-ray disc from one of those shops that insist on opening the sealed cases. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I got around to doing anything with the disc, and … Continue reading

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DVD Information

Years ago I purchased a Harman Kardon DVD-30 DVD player, primarily for its decent DVD performance combined with DVD Audio playback. These days I primarily use an Oppo DV-980H DVD player, or an Oppo BD-83 Blu-ray player. After all, the … Continue reading

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