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This can’t be the end of Bond

Even if MGM Studios goes down, some other studio must surely pick up the franchise. It’s worth too much. Note, 3D is implicitly receiving part of the blame.

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How Does 3D look?

In a comment to the previous post Nick asks ‘how did the 3d actually look?’ Tricky to describe, in large part because I haven’t yet seen a 3D flick at the cinema in 3D, so I can’t compare it to … Continue reading

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Three dimensional Panasonic

I went to Melbourne today courtesy of Panasonic to see its dancing girls and enjoy a lunch. Oh, and to see some products. Like 17 new plasma TVs, ranging from the $999 107cm 1,024 x 768 pixel Viera TH-P4220A, to … Continue reading

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Blu-ray vs DVD comparison: Nowhere Boy

Nowhere Boy is a pleasant little biopic, made last year,┬ácovering a few years in the life of the young John Lennon. I really quite enjoyed it, and you will too if you like laid back British drama. Here is the … Continue reading

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Blu-ray vs DVD: Logan’s Run

… or, Homer’s revenge. Here’s a sample from the comparison: Now doesn’t the DVD rendition of Jenny Agutter remind you of this scene from the classic episode of The Simpsons, ‘The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace‘? Here’s Marge after Homer’s ministrations:

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Blu-ray vs DVD comparison: Monsters, Inc.

I love doing Pixar (and similar) computer animations for these Blu-ray vs DVD comparisons. Previously I’ve done Cars and WALL-E. The reason they are so good is because in both formats, the picture quality is optimal. That’s because there is … Continue reading

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VHS vs DVD vs Blu-ray

The current issue of Sound and Image magazine carries an article by me called ‘Gettin’ Better all the time’, and it’s primarily concerned with a comparison between the VHS, DVD and Blu-ray versions of movies. It covers Independence Day, Chicago … Continue reading

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More Pixar language streams

As I’ve previously noted, Pixar uses one technique or another to offer the same visual written content in different languages to match the selected audio language. More precisely, it matches the language you select on disc startup, not whatever language … Continue reading

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Killing the Sound

I’m not to sure about the name, but I was a a wedding last night at the Lake George Winery (nice venue) at which the music was performed by a group of young men, called ‘Killing the Sound‘. As the … Continue reading

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‘The Authoritative Blu-ray Disc (BD) FAQ’ moves

If you want to know all sorts of detailed tech stuff about Blu-ray, a very good place to start is the ‘The Authoritative Blu-ray Disc (BD) FAQ’. This has moved from its former location and is now here. It isn’t … Continue reading

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