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Video bitrates for digital TV stations – October 2010

Back in March this year I set out a list of the video and audio bitrates for digital TV. Since then new channels have been added and some of the stations have reallocated the balance of their available bandwidth. To … Continue reading

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Quality TV

The recent proliferation of second and third TV stations for the major broadcasters has brought some interesting material back to our TV screens. There are a lot of broadcast hours to fill up, and low cost content must be especially … Continue reading

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Undisclosed Bass

I’m reviewing a shiny new Denon home theatre receiver that, amongst other things, features the ability to play Internet radio. Making sure I cover everything, I explore its menus and confirm that it also plays podcasts. To test, I usually … Continue reading

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Just what you want to see on parcel tracking

My youngest daughter is waiting for a new iPod Nano, ordered on-line. This is the tracking page for the item from TNT International: SZ1 is somewhere in China. It took one day to get from there to Hong Kong. Three … Continue reading

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Audio Return Channel – a complication too far?

The latest version of HDMI — 1.4 — provides for, amongst other things the Audio Return Channel. You have a HDMI cable from your home theatre receiver to feed video to the TV. ARC allows this very same cable to … Continue reading

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More government crap

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has selected me to undertake its ‘Economic Activity Survey 2009-10’. Bugger it. That means I have to fill it its twenty page form. Have to. Or do I? I have been carefully ignoring it for … Continue reading

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20 Years of IMDB

I just noticed that the Internet Movie Database is claiming that it will be celebrating its 20th anniversary on 17 October this year. That surprised me. Back then, the Web was still some ten months in the future. Anyway, it … Continue reading

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