Forthcoming: Twin Tuner High Definition PVR from Strong

Yesterday I had a long chat with Trevor Young of Strong Technologies, which currently sells the SRT-5390 digital TV receiver/Personal Video Recorder. He says that the company has a number of new products forthcoming, including a high definition TV receiver within a couple of months. But the most exciting project is likely to appear early next year — as early as January, he hopes.

This will be a high definition receiver with personal video recorder built in. From what he tells me, this will have everything. Two HD tuners so you can record two different programs at once, or record one and watch another one. Of course, it will record SD programs as well. DVI output for high quality connection to projectors and plasma displays. The hard disk size has not yet been finalised, but will be at least 160GB. And price is planned to be $1,199.

If this works well, this would have to be the dream digital TV receiver.

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