Avatar gives 3D backwards recognition

CinemaSquid has posted the technical specifications of the Blu-ray for Avatar on the AV Science Forum here. Looks like it will be pretty good. One point that caught my eye was the disc title: ‘RED_BIRD_2D_WW’. Presumably ‘Red Bird’ was some kind of code name. I would have thought ‘WW’ meant ‘world wide’, except that the disc is locked to Regions A and B (a welcome improvement over Fox’s usual habit of locking all discs to a single region).

And I can only suppose that the ‘2D’ means that Fox is planning a 3D version in the near future.

Meanwhile, I will probably never review this disc. I still won’t sign the company’s Non-Disclosure Agreement, and although it has relented on many titles, it still insists on this for what it calles its ‘Triple A titles (like Avatar).’

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