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Blu-ray region codes

I’ve been asked about whether region coding has been abandoned for Blu-ray, and I reckon it’s worth revisiting the topic briefly. So here’s my take. No, unfortunately region coding hasn’t been abandoned. But there have been changes. Basically, Universal, Paramount … Continue reading

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Apologetically region coded Blu-ray

I’ve just noticed over at the ‘NEW Unofficial Blu-ray Audio and Video Specifications Thread’ on the AVS Forums a remark about the region coding screen of a new Blu-ray disc. It apologises for its existence!

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Avatar gives 3D backwards recognition

CinemaSquid has posted the technical specifications of the Blu-ray for Avatar on the AV Science Forum here. Looks like it will be pretty good. One point that caught my eye was the disc title: ‘RED_BIRD_2D_WW’. Presumably ‘Red Bird’ was some … Continue reading

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Unusual region coding

I’ve just been looked at a forthcoming Blu-ray title from Roadshow Entertainment: The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans, directed by Werner HerzogĀ and starring Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes. This title comes from Roadshow Entertainment and has two … Continue reading

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I Love Warner Bros

I have previously whinged about region coding on Blu-ray. If you are considering purchasing a Blu-ray disc from overseas, particularly from the US, go first to the Blu-ray Region Code Info page and make sure that your contemplated purchase is … Continue reading

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The first hints of region free Blu-ray?

When I took receipt today of a review Pioneer BDP-LX70A Blu-ray player, it still had firmware 3.0 installed. This lead to a previously mentioned problem with Die Hard 4.0. I tried to update the firmware over Ethernet using the built … Continue reading

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Blu-ray blows, or how to let the opposition win

I must confess that in the Blu-ray vs HD DVD stakes, I’ve been somewhat partial to Blu-ray. I think it has been because of the larger capacity of the disc than HD DVD, at least in their first incarnations (HD … Continue reading

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Blu-ray Region Codes

The Korean-based Dr David Steel, the Vice President, Marketing Team, Digital Media Business, for Samsung Electronics, has kindly provided the following information on Blu-ray region codes. There will be three codes: Region A: North America, South America, East Asia (except … Continue reading

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