It’s official – 3D Olympics! But not for all.

Channel 9 sought a license for a trial broadcast of the 2012 London Olympics in 3D, and ACMA has approved it. The trial begins on 16 July and is open for a month, covering the games which run from 27 July to 12 August 2012.

All you will need is a 3D TV. A HDTV PVR which supports MPEG4 will happily record the content for later playback.

Oh, and you also need to be in Adelaide, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney.

WIN TV, which will be broadcasting the Olympics in ‘Regional’ areas, like here in Canberra, Newscastle, Hobart and such, did not seek a license and will not be broadcasting in 3D. The reason is actually simple: it would have needed dozens, perhaps hundreds, of new transmitters to deliver something which will only be in place for a few weeks. Not exactly an economic proposition.

I’ve pasted the ACMA press release over the fold if you want to read the details.

Olympic Games 3D TV trials

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has agreed to issue licences to Nine Network Australia

, provided certain conditions are met, to conduct trials of 3D TV featuring daily highlights of the 2012 Olympic Games, ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman confirmed today.

The ACMA has considered Nine’s applications to use unassigned TV channels for 3D TV trials in Adelaide, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

‘Viewers with a 3D television should be able to view the trial if they are within the coverage area of the trial services,’ Mr Chapman said.

To ensure that viewers understand the month-long transmission will only be available in certain areas, the Nine Network has agreed to implement a range of consumer protection measures.
The ACMA developed the measures in consultation with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission following misleading statements from a number of electronics retailers during previous 3D TV trials.

‘Viewers need to be aware these broadcasts are temporary trials of the 3D TV format and that the long term technology is still developing,’ Mr Chapman said.

Detailed information about the coverage areas and other aspects of the trials will be available from the Nine Network before the services are due to commence on 16 July.

Interested viewers can contact the Nine Network on (02) 9906 9999.

The Olympic Games take place in London between 27 July and 12 August 2012.

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