No excuses not to go Blu-ray

My reviews of several different Blu-ray players will be appearing in the next Sound and Image magazine. Included are a couple of the Sony Blu-ray players. The editor, Jez Ford, tells me that the prices have plummetted since I wrote the reviews a couple of months ago. When I wrote it, the price of the Sony BDP-S360 was $AU449. Now it is just $269! That’s a 40% reduction.
Likewise — actually, even more impressively — the Sony BDP-S560 was $549 and now it is $289, reduced by 53%.

For the additional $20 you get built-in WiFi, so that makes it a very useful player.

The Sony BDP-S760 has also been reduced, but only from $729 to $649, a far more modest reduction. This adds multichannel analogue audio outputs and a headphone socket.

They do pretty well with regular Blu-ray discs, but not so well with 1080i50 material. But get the next S&I to see the whole review.

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