Badge Engineering

Well, it turns out that high-end brand Lexicon has released a Blu-ray player which is really the Oppo BDP-83 with Lexicon cosmetics. Audioholics makes a pretty convincing case here.

Nothing wrong with that, necessarily, except that Lexicon insists that it has tweaked the unit and according to Audioholics tests, it’s pretty hard to see how it could have. Oh, and apparently the Lexicon BD-30 costs some $US3,000 more than the $499 Oppo!

Well, you do find these things. The NAD T587 Blu-ray player was essentially a prettier looking LG BD300 Blu-ray player. Some companies never developed their own DVD players from the ground up, and even today use the internals from some other brand.

Well, at least Lexicon chose what seems to be the best Blu-ray platform presently on the market.

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