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New Blu-ray vs DVD comparisons

Here are some new side-by-side Blu-ray vs PAL DVD comparisons that I’ve just put up: Disaster Movie The Queen Sin City Sleeping Beauty Some really stand out, such as this shot of a newspaper in Sin City: It’s not just … Continue reading

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Widescreen ‘pan and scan’

A few weeks ago I recorded The Da Vinci Code from high definition TV, since I was too busy to watch it during broadcast, and in any case I wanted to test out the Panasonic Blu-ray recorder I was reviewing. … Continue reading

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Blu-ray video inputs and outputs

Blu-ray players have to cope with many more signal standards than DVD. On the audio side, the latter deal with PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS and (for non-US players) MPEG2, whereas Blu-ray players must deal with all of those, plus two … Continue reading

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Blu-ray Audio

Over at the ‘Unofficial Blu-ray Audio and Video Specifications Thread‘ on the AVS Forum, a Russian contributor has put up specifications for a couple of Blu-ray audio discs. Note, there’s no particular format difference between Blu-ray audio and regular Blu-ray. … Continue reading

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Time to stop using ZoneAlarm for my protection, it seems

Well, that’s irritating. For quite a few years I’ve been using ZoneAlarm Pro for my computer security needs. I’ve currently got three licences for three computers. It provides a firewall, antivirus, and a few odds and sods to keep my … Continue reading

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