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S-Video, going the way of the Dodo

I’m presently reviewing the new Yamaha RX-V2065 home theatre receiver. One of the first things I do, before even plugging in a receiver, is put it on my desk and count up the inputs and outputs and other connections. I’ve … Continue reading

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Blu-ray layer rot?

The other night one of my daughters wanted to watch The Godfather: Part II with a friend. All was going very nicely until 1:42:32 into the movie, when it became a stillie. The picture froze for a minute or so, … Continue reading

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Digital TV Station timers

Over the past week or so my PVR has been showing incorrect times on its display. That means that it has an incorrect time in its memory, which in turn means that it will fire itself up to record stuff … Continue reading

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Homeopathy vs Science

Nice optical illusion. Nice discussion. Nice bit of web programming. Definitely worth a look. Via Yet another weird SF fan.

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DVD on Demand

I just received an advertisement from for the DVD of The Strange Love Of Molly Louvain. Pretty expensive at $US26.99. But it turns out this isn’t an off-the-shelf product. It is supplied on DVD-R. If you purchase it, they … Continue reading

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Dog Day Afternoon: Blu-ray vs DVD

Another top notch movie from the 70s, the Blu-ray is a little grainy, but kills the DVD for what’s happening on the screen. Go here for the comparison, and here’s a sample (DVD to left, Blu-ray to right):

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Computers – then and now (kind of)

I just found this table, which was an accompaniment to a piece I wrote for a magazine back in 2004. Obviously seven years later the ‘Now’ computer has improved even more, although not that much in raw clock speed. Year … Continue reading

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Is there anybody out there?

To use a line from Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Would readers be so kind as to whack in a tiny comment to this post, just to say something like ‘I do.’ So far I know of only about six or … Continue reading

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Unused features

The other day when I went to pick up my daughter from school, I decided to load Bach’s ‘Golderg Variations’, as performed by Glenn Gould, in the car CD player. All part of the ongoing musical education for my kids. … Continue reading

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Blu-ray giveaway – The Butterfly Effect

This is actually one of Icon’s ‘Blu-ray Double Feature’ discs, which means that it has another movie on the same disc. In this case it is the quite forgettable The Butterfly Effect 2 (4.4/10 on IMDB vs the original’s 7.8/10). … Continue reading

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