Topfield releases its first HD PVR

Topfield TF7000PVRt HD PVRJust received a press release from Topfield. It has now released its TF7000HDPVRt. That string of letters at the end have meaning: t=terrestrial (ie, as opposed to satellite), PVR=Personal Video Recorder, and HD=High Definition.

Price? $1,299.

The natural competitor to this is the Strong SRT 5490 HD PVR. Obviously I shall be seeking to get ahold of the Topfield, but in the mean time here’s the obvious differences:

Feature Strong SRT-5490 HD PVR Topfield TF7000PVRt Comment
Digital output DVI + coax and optical audio HDMI + coax and optical audio Since the Topfield will send its audio via HDMI, it wins here
Video output switching Must choose via remote key or setup menu Several (all?) available at the same time Topfield is a winner here as well.
Computer connectivity USB (apparently 1.1 speed) and Ethernet USB 2.0 I love the Strong’s Ethernet capabilities, I score this one to it
Media features Can show JPEG and play MP3, or transfer out recordings, via Ethernet or USB Can tranfer out recordings via USB Both the JPEG and MP3 functions of the Strong being fairly worthwhile, so I think Strong wins this one
Tuners Two, record two and play back a third, PIP Two, record two and play back a third, PIP
Navigation Excellent Looks the same on paper  
File editing No Not stated, so I assume no  
Time shifting Yes, but has to be explicitly selected Yes, but how it works I don’t know. Hopefully like the TF5000PVRt  
Reliability Excellent with the 2.0.5 firmware Topfield’s reputation is excellent, but we’ll have to wait and see  
Hard Disk 250GB 250GB  
Price $1,299 $1,299  


Looks like another exciting product.

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