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Video vs PC settings

As a comment to this post, Victor suggests: You made some recommendations on settings in your S&I artical which I found useful, at least to confirm my own observations and assumptions. There was another setting I changed which was not … Continue reading

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Eight channel PCM

A reader, Michael, has emailed me about a previous post. He says: Another interesting post there. The Dolby email was quite interesting.I have older AVR without HDMI, so I have an interest in the ability of my receiver (RX-V757) to … Continue reading

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Cable quality suddenly becomes important

A while back I mentioned how I’d found Australian interconnect company, Kordz, to be a very good deal for HDMI cables. I first stumbled across Kordz in an article in Connected Home Solutions (for which I write), which was discussing … Continue reading

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How HDMI can make your DVD picture quality worse!

This only applies to PAL DVDs. But beware, most DVD players will by default play most PAL DVDs with poor picture quality via HDMI or, for that matter, progressive scan component video connections. Read all about it in my new … Continue reading

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Kordz, plus Panasonic

A few weeks ago I went looking for a ten metre HDMI cable so it would fit nicely with my bundle of analogue video cables. Until then I had been using a five metre cable that barely stretched from receiver … Continue reading

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Going insane, and then relief

So I’m reviewing mid-priced ($AUS2,000 to $4,000) home theatre receivers at the moment. Most of them are equipped with HDMI switching. I’ve been using one of them for a couple of weeks, with a HDMI DVD player plugged in along … Continue reading

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HDMI woes resolved

That picture to the right is the HDMI output socket of the very fancy Krell Showcase DVD. A little oddly, this doesn’t actually have HDMI out installed as standard. It’s an option, but the distributor put it in at my … Continue reading

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HDMI versus component video

I have previously given my thoughts on the quality differences between a digital and an analogue video connection, but here’s an example of just one difference between them. The occasion was the combination of the new Pioneer DV-S969AVi universal disc … Continue reading

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DVI interoperability

Derek writes: I have recently purchased a Hitachi 42 pd 5000ta plasma screen which has a DVI input. I have also recently purchased the Samsung HD DVD-937. My question is in regards to compatability, I have been told by Hitachi … Continue reading

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Samsung DVD-HD937 DVD player availability

A number of people have contacted me about the Samsung DVD-HD937 about which I’ve previously written. Well, I made some calls — or rather attempted to make some calls — to the powers that be at Samsung here in Australia. … Continue reading

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