At last … 1920 in Canberra

I’m sure that we’ve all worked out by now that all the TV channels that used to be run by Southern Cross Ten are now being run by WIN TV, and vice versa. A bit confusing, but my TVs and set top boxes seemed to sort themselves out reasonably well.

It turns out that there has been at least one positive side effect: the Channels 9HD Canberra and WIN Canberra HD are now broadcasting in full 1920 by 1080i, after years of their predecessor channels running at 1440 by 1080i.

It’s probably about time that I started gathering data for a new table of bitrates.

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  1. At least you had some semblance of HD before this. Us country folk (Ballarat in my case) were still watching the primary channels in SD. This change has finally brought HD to the main broadcast channels…. Masterchef finally looks as good as it tastes! 🙂

  2. Hi Tim, as it happens the capital city of Australia is also a region for this purpose. So, we also were restricted to SD for Master Chef. I’ll have to have a look at it. My initial measurements show remarkably low bitrates, through, for 9HD (just under 5Mbps) and WIN HD (low to mid 5s).

  3. 7mate on Prime is still 1440 x 1080i, but it gets around 8Mbps.

  4. Ah, I see. Both 9HD and WIN HD are running H.264 rather than MPEG2. In theory, that means the quality should be similar to MPEG2 at 10Mbps.

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