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What’s all this about 1080p?

I had a chat with one of my editors yesterday about a piece I’d done on high definition video, in which I hadn’t mentioned 1080p. In Australia, the legislated high definition TV standards are 576p, 720p and 1080i. The ‘p’ … Continue reading

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More DVD reviews online

Well, I’ve added ten DVD reviews to my review page: The Simpsons–The Complete First Season (Collector’s Edition) , The Sopranos–The Complete First Season, Night of the Living Dead: 30th Anniversay Edition (1988/99), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 25th Anniversary Special Edition … Continue reading

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Is recording from TV worth it?

The combination of digital TV and DVD recorders can, unlike VCRs and analogue TV, make it worthwhile to record broadcasts for permanent retention. In general, purchasing the DVD of a movie or a TV show is better, quality-wise, but not … Continue reading

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