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HD Olympics

The principal broadcaster for the Olympics in Australia will be Channel 7, (Prime TV in regional areas). This time around we will be getting it in HDTV (1080i) in addition to SDTV. There is an interesting problem with the live … Continue reading

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Paramount returns to Blu-ray!

Those with longish memories may recall that when Blu-ray and HD DVD started, two studios were open minded. Warner Bros eventually (ie. this year) decided to go Blu-ray only, while Paramount was allegedly paid a significant sum last year to … Continue reading

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Denon DVD2500BT Blu-ray player – the way of the future?

Earlier today I emailed Audio Products Group, the Australian distributor for Denon, along with other brands, about whether it would soon be releasing the Denon DVD2500T. Despite the name, this is actually a Blu-ray player. Or not. In truth, Denon … Continue reading

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Sony PS3 Gets DTS-HD Master Audio

A couple of weeks ago I was doing a piece on choosing your next Blu-ray player. I said, in short, that you’d be nuts to buy anything other than the Panasonic DMP-BD30 because it alone can do all of the … Continue reading

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I Love Warner Bros

I have previously whinged about region coding on Blu-ray. If you are considering purchasing a Blu-ray disc from overseas, particularly from the US, go first to the Blu-ray Region Code Info page and make sure that your contemplated purchase is … Continue reading

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