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Can you hear a sixty millisecond delay?

Why, yes you can.┬áThe following sound file has two ticks, sixty milliseconds apart. Play it. Kamagra Ohne Rezept Kaufen buy kamagra 100mg ogrish forum Stromectol kaufen Ohne Rezept Online Redaktionelle Leitlinien Order Propecia Order Ditropan Online no Prescription … Continue reading

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VLC, not quite audiophile

I’m reviewing the top model phones from three companies for audio performance. For assorted reasons , I decided to try out the VLC player on them. The main reason was that thirty one gifts , as is well known, … Continue reading

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H.264 appears on Australian Digital TV

I’m still accumulating statistics on the rearranged digital TV stations , but stumbled across something rather unexpected. On Prime the ishoptv shopping channel, and the RACING.COM horse racing channel, don’t use MPEG2 video encoding. They’re now H.264, aka MPEG4-AVC (Part … Continue reading

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At last … 1920 in Canberra

I’m sure that we’ve all worked out by now that all the TV channels that used to be run by Southern Cross Ten are now being run by WIN TV, and vice versa. A bit confusing , but my … Continue reading

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Two new articles

I’ve put up my DSD vs PCM piece which was published earlier in the year in Australian HI-FI. It’s called ‘Direct Stream Digital and the Power of Imagination’. I’ve also put up my Australian HI-FI piece on how different bit … Continue reading

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The End of a Mini-era

Well, it looks like some stats will no longer be available for my Blu-ray reviews. It all depended on a program called BDInfo.exe. And that only worked with AnyDVD decryption running. Now the makers of AnyDVD have pulled the pin. … Continue reading

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Over-rotating CDs

Ages ago I mentioned here the Mythbusters episode where they destroyed a CD by spinning it way too fast (23 kamagra pills Buy Lipitor online without prescription ,000 RPM). Since 2005 video equipment has gotten a great deal better. The … Continue reading

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Music-making took — takes — craft

Scrolling through the far-too-many albums on my NAS Koupit Doxycyklin v Praze Order Ditropan Online no Prescription , the original self-titled Toto album (1978) caught my eye. It had been a few years since I last played it ogrish … Continue reading

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Was it really that Harrison Ford?

Recently I reviewed Shock Entertainments Blu-ray release of ‘The Doors’ documentary movie, Feast of Friends for Australian HI-FI. The notes from the film-maker were intriguing: I hired an old friend , Harrison Ford, to help with the carrying of cases … Continue reading

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Up to my neck in a Mac

Apologies for all three of you readers. I’ve been away for so long, from the blog, but not from working. I expect to be doing more here in the future, including loading up some interesting measurement data. But what prompted … Continue reading

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