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Novel use for CDs

The humble CD, originally meant to be just a simple carrier of digital audio on a spiral track, has been finding more and more uses. First as a carrier of data and programs for computers, then as a recordable device. … Continue reading

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AnyDVD is a a very useful tool

Elsewhere I have been pondering on how government rules produce interesting workarounds. I was using the software product AnyDVD from SlySoft Inc as my angle into this, and it occurs to me I ought to mention the product here as … Continue reading

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Lileks on HDTV

Last Friday’s Bleat by James Lileks records his observations on receiving high definition TV. Nice piece, as usual, but some technical corrections are in order. He says: Normal TV has something like 440 lines on the screen. (Or 380. Or … Continue reading

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Independence Day gets re-released, remastered in Australia

In the middle of last year I pointed out a major deficiency in the mastering of the Australian PAL version of Independence Day. Namely, for the bulk of the movie, most of the video frames are constituted by fields from … Continue reading

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Hollywood thinking, planning and financing

Excellent analyses — a little old (by several months, that is, rather than years) — of the US movie industry, how to estimate whether a movie has made money, and how what is happening now will affect what we’ll see … Continue reading

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