Monthly Archives: January 2004

Dictionary of Home Entertainment now (more or less) complete

At long last I have gotten around to finishing off my Dictionary of Home Entertainment. The remaining ‘coming soon’ entries have been defined. A few others corrected. Some misspellings and word repetitions corrected. There are now 380 terms defined. But, … Continue reading

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Abbey Road Studios goes DEQX

A few posts ago I mentioned the Sydney-developed DEQX speaker correction system. Now the famed Abbey Road Studios has installed three of the PDC-2.6 systems (each is stereo, so three provide six channels). The studios are apparently not availing themselves … Continue reading

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Tuggeranong finally fully digital

As of yesterday, the rather tardy Southern Cross Capital 10 TV station finally got its digital retransmission station for Tuggeranong running. Hurrah! That means that all five stations are now available (Prime 7 went on just before Christmas). It is … Continue reading

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A place worth checking for DVI cables and information

International Dynamics has drawn to my attention the DVI Gear Web site at which various DVI cables may be bought. Better yet, follow the ‘Learn About DVI’ link to find some excellent material (some quite technical) on DVI and HDCP.

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The Onion speaks on religion

Back from a Christmas Holiday with the family, my attention is drawn by my brother to this highly amusing and disconcertingly accurate satire on DVD aspect ratios in The Onion. Worse, in my view, than ‘full screen’ renditions of widescreen … Continue reading

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