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Porting complete

Finally, I’ve finished porting all the posts in my old, hand-marked-up blog, into this one, all the way back to July 2003. WordPress tells me that this will be the 703rd post. Here’s one of interest: an analysis of the … Continue reading

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New Theme

Now that, I think, is a nicer look. It would be totally happy if only I could: replace the ‘tags’ with ‘categories’, and insert the posting time. Unfortunately, editing these things eludes me. I search the entire theme for the … Continue reading

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DVD Audio lives on!

Because I bought a King Crimson CD from Amazon once, today I got an email from them advising that In the Wake of Poseidon, KC’s second album, is due to be released in mid October. Of course, it was actually … Continue reading

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Perhaps I’m just fooling myself

I’m reviewing a bunch of home theatre receivers for Sound and Image and as I go I fill in a ‘feature table’. This is a continually evolving thing in which new features make it onto the table and old ones … Continue reading

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Will home movies divide into two?

Via Geoff Forgie, it turns out that Blockbuster, the video rental chain in the United States, has gone into Chapter 11 bankruptcy (this apparently lets them off their debts, but continue trading) owing tens of millions to movie studios. Which … Continue reading

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Toy Story Blu-ray comparison & review

In celebration of the forthcoming release of Toy Story 3 on 17 November, I’ve put up my recent review of Toy Story 1 (& 2), along with a Blu-ray vs DVD comparison. Of course the Blu-ray is markedly better than … Continue reading

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Playstation 3 now does Blu-ray 3D

Firmware 3.5 adds this. I’ve tried it out on my original model PS3 (40GB — now upgraded to 320GB — 2 USB ports). Monster House 3D works. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 3D works. A shop demo with several … Continue reading

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Over the years, and two or three thousand product reviews, I’ve occasionally dealt with some physically difficult devices. But this is the first time I’ve been completely stuck. Last night I dragooned one of my daughters’ boyfriends — a fine … Continue reading

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Characters punched from the same dress-up-doll book that was used for a thousand other movies, and coincidences that make the plot-line of Starship Troopers seem like a model of non-contrivance. You just know that as the world is falling apart, … Continue reading

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Digital radio in Canberra

I’ve done a piece for Monday’s The Canberra Times on digital radio. In brief, it discusses some of the advantages of digital radio and gives a brief review of audio quality, but it is primarily about the legal complications. According … Continue reading

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