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Total Recall Mark II

I don’t quite know what to think. It seems that a new version of Total Recall is coming out this year. There’s not much info in the synopsis, but it looks like Mars isn’t involved. What’s the bet that Philip … Continue reading

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Skeptoid does vinyl vs CD

Brian Dunning from has released his latest podcast, which takes on a fraught subject: ‘Are Vinyl Recordings Better than Digital?‘. Definitely well worth a listen. Especially Dunning’s elegant explanation of the beauty of the vinyl reproduction system. Of course … Continue reading

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Computer fun, or not

Well, middle of the day Friday I attempt to open a PDF attachment emailed to me (from a trusted source), and Windows XP tells me it won’t open. And that marked the start of things. Some other programs started falling … Continue reading

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On-line reviews

I’ve been doing a few reviews for lately, for those interested. Most recently the Sharp XV-Z30000 3D projector and the Panasonic PT-AR100EA 2D projector have been put up. Expect four more over the next week or so. Also, I … Continue reading

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Late yesterday afternoon I installed a shiny new 3D projector. It went upside down on my ceiling mount, and I took the trouble to plug in the 3D transmitter prior to powering it up. I switched it on, adjusted the … Continue reading

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3D Crosstalk is Always and Everywhere a Timing Phenomenon

Sorry about the title. I’ve lately been listening to a lot of economics podcasts, and the phrase (attributed to Milton Friedman) ‘Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon’ popped into mind. But like Friedman’s aphorism, I’m increasingly convinced that … Continue reading

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Speed, speed, speed

The other day I was playing a podcast on an iPod and had to stop listening for a while. When I resumed play some time later, the damned thing started again from the beginning. I had to search through to … Continue reading

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Free speech

The Australian government seems somewhat inclined to adopt a course of evil, in the form of media regulation. It is not for no reason that the first amendment to the US Constitution is phrased as ‘Congress shall make no law … Continue reading

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