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Remastering pays off

Some months ago I did a comparison spread for Sound and Image magazine on the differences between Blu-ray and HD DVD picture quality. To be frank, some of the BDs I compared with rather disappointing. One such was The Fifth … Continue reading

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Check, Recheck and Triple Check

One of the tasks involved in doing reviews on equipment is identifying faults with that equipment. That may seem easy, but it isn’t always. If you have a lousy picture while watching HDTV, is it the HDTV receiver that’s the … Continue reading

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I Know Who Killed Me – the ultimate love-it-or-hate-it movie?

I have not yet seen the new Lindsay Lohan movie, I Know Who Killed Me. But it was being advertised on some of the web sites I was visiting today, so I toddled over to the Internet Movie Database to … Continue reading

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Weirder Blu-ray

I didn’t actually watch Die Hard 4.0 (known to Americans as Live Free or Die Hard) the other day when I received it. But on Friday I spoke to Pioneer about this Blu-ray disc’s behaviour in its BDP-LX70A player. I … Continue reading

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Recently I purchased a power meter. What with environmental concerns, and the Australian greenhouse agency making noises about banning certain TVs that fail to use sufficiently small amounts of power, I figured that it was something I really ought to … Continue reading

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Blu-ray blows, or how to let the opposition win

I must confess that in the Blu-ray vs HD DVD stakes, I’ve been somewhat partial to Blu-ray. I think it has been because of the larger capacity of the disc than HD DVD, at least in their first incarnations (HD … Continue reading

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Hitachi, ALIS, 1080p and 1080i

In the post immediately below this one, as explained in the update at the foot of the post, I talk about 1080i and 1080p issues which are not particularly relevant to the current fuss involving Smarthouse and Hitachi. It turns … Continue reading

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Is 1080i true high definition?

Over at Smarthouse, David Richards seems to have set the cat loose amongst the pigeons over the issue of Hitachi advertising its TVs as ‘Full HD’. Richards argues that because these TVs accept only a 1080i signal, not a 1080p … Continue reading

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What is moire?

From time to time I mention moire as an artefact of video systems, often due to poor deinterlacing of progressive scan material. See for example here, and here, and here (near Figure 2). Here’s a real world demonstration from my … Continue reading

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Scale once, not twice

Your home entertainment display probably has a fixed physical resolution due to the pixel structure of its LCD, DLP or LCoS panel(s). Many modern DVD players and HD set top boxes can output the video with a vertical resolution of … Continue reading

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