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DVD Reviews beginning to appear

For the past few years I’ve been writing reviews for Australian HI-FI. Rather than let them merely die, I’ve started loading up onto this site. Just go here. There are six reviews there now. But I’ve got another 42 which … Continue reading

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Should you wait for the right DVD?

I have previously made reference (Frankenstein and Metropolis) to cheap and nasty, and good quality, DVD releases. The other day I bought one of the latter to replace yet another of the former. In this case it was His Girl … Continue reading

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Andre Norton dies, aged 93

When I was in my final year of primary school (aged around 11), I applied for a bursary (a kind of small scholarship). A teacher asked me about my reading habits and suggested that, for the purposes of winning the … Continue reading

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Randi gets his teeth into audio mysticism

I am happy to report that James Randi, best known as the magician/skeptic/author who eviscerates prominent self-proclaimed mystics, also spends the odd moment on audio mystics. For example, here on Peter Belt. Follow some of the links from that post.

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