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HDMI versus component video

I have previously given my thoughts on the quality differences between a digital and an analogue video connection, but here’s an example of just one difference between them. The occasion was the combination of the new Pioneer DV-S969AVi universal disc … Continue reading

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What a difference some restoration makes

If you’re going to buy the classic 1931 Frankenstein, or any other ancient movies for that matter, on DVD, choose carefully. The graphic at the right shows a detail of the same frame taken from the two versions available in … Continue reading

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KaZaa vs CDs

Human motivations and actions are usually muddy, so it ought not be surprising to find that studies on the impact on CD sales of people using P2P networks to cheaply obtain music is unclear. However the Freedom to Tinker Blog … Continue reading

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Radical Technology – but is it for a niche only?

This article from MIT’s Technology Review discusses directional sound devices, based on using ultrasonic (above 20,000 hertz) emitters. The two separate developers are talking the usual junk about how they could replace loudspeakers. This is junk for several reasons. One … Continue reading

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Weird Panasonic DVD recorder resolution

I’ve been doing a bunch of DVD recorder reviews lately and, just now, have noticed something decidedly odd about Panasonic DVD recorders. First you should understand that the native resolution for DVD Video is 720 pixels wide by 576 pixels … Continue reading

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The Simpsons joust with Disney

The Simpsons have a lot of fun with copyright in many episodes (Mary Poppins, for example), but watching the episode ‘Round Springfield‘ (Season 6, Episode 22, code 2F32), even more fun is had. Towards the end, moments after the deceased … Continue reading

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DVI interoperability

Derek writes: I have recently purchased a Hitachi 42 pd 5000ta plasma screen which has a DVI input. I have also recently purchased the Samsung HD DVD-937. My question is in regards to compatability, I have been told by Hitachi … Continue reading

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A Passionate Dichotomy

Regardless of what you may think about Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of the Christ, it seems to have aroused a passionate response, both from its fans and detractors. One of the many useful things about the Internet Movie Database … Continue reading

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Australian TV Guide

A weak point of Australian free to air TV has been a near complete lack of Electronic Program Guides (EPG). Europe has these, accessible via Teletext, which makes setting up recordings on an appropriately equipped DVD recorder very simple, since … Continue reading

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Dual Layer DVD recording about to arrive

I had a long lunch yesterday with Gordon Kerr, Sony Australia‘s Group Sales and Marketing Manager for Recording Media, Energy and Optical. The main focus was on the new dual layer DVD recording format, but our discussions turned out to … Continue reading

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