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The Loudness Wars

The previous post, Greg Borrowman made reference to ‘The Loudness Wars’ and gave a small explanation. But he has now drawn my attention to a very useful little video that explains what this means in practice. It is here, and … Continue reading

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Guest comment on Warner Bros disc policy

This is in regard to the previous post, in which I’ve disclosed Warner Bros’ rather strange actions on disc reviews. I passed this on to my editors, as well as to the local head of Warner Bros here in Australia. … Continue reading

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Corporate madness

I have kind of heard this before, but only today have I gotten around to confirming it. Warner Bros Home Entertainment no longer supplies review discs—Blu-ray or DVD. Instead it has some kind of online facility which reviewers are supposed … Continue reading

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Tilting the lens on The Social Network

The other night I watched The Social Network on Blu-ray, and soon I’ll be writing a review of it. But I wanted to highlight here one brief part of it: a section starting around 84 minutes into the movie, called … Continue reading

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Old cables, new, and HDMI puzzles

Recently I was using a 3D full HD front projector, and I was pleased to find that my old 10 metre Kordz ‘Diamond’ HDMI cable worked fine with it, including with full Blu-ray 3D. Then a few days later I … Continue reading

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The imaginary world of colour

Colour is a construct of the mind. Out in the real world what we perceive as colours is simply a small subset (less than an octave) of the wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. Evolution has endowed us with a mechanism … Continue reading

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I wonder if there could be a good market for a certain type of HDMI splitter. The scenario I have in mind is this: you have a high end home theatre receiver from a couple of years ago, but it … Continue reading

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Hail Hosting Matters

This web site is hosted by a US outfit called Hosting Matters. I selected it some years ago after checking out a couple of websites I admire. I had previously been with Bigpond. It was charging about $AUS60 per month … Continue reading

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It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Max

And it’s on Blu-ray. And it’s yours if you live in Aus and ask for it first in comments. The Australian DVD is fatally flawed, but this 1080p24 Blu-ray looks pretty decent. No box, no slick, no proper label, it’s … Continue reading

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Digital radio now nearly usable in Canberra

On 23 February the trial transmission for DAB+ digital radio in Canberra was bumped up from 1kW to 3.1kW. Makes a big difference. I now get perfect reception in the house, and good enough reception in my office (despite the … Continue reading

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