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James Bond scrubs up, as does Ursula Andress

Twentieth Century Fox is releasing its first batch of Bond Blu-ray discs in Australia on 12 November 2008. These are: Dr. No (1962) (the first 007, with Sean Connery) From Russia With Love (1963) Thunderball (1965) Live and Let Die … Continue reading

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More DVD/Blu-ray comparisons

I’ve added a few more DVD/Blu-ray comparisons. For those that haven’t checked them out, I take an identical frame from the DVD and the Blu-ray, digitally captured using a suitable application and drive on my computer (I’ve been using LG’s … Continue reading

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Bring on the Blu-ray Sound

Although I think DVD Audio is a dead format, and SACD isn’t too far off either, I still keep buying them if I see them at a reasonable price. The other day I picked up The Who’s Tommy from … Continue reading

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Sony Playstation 3 Audio Handling

A couple of months ago Sony Computer Entertainment kindly loaned to me a Sony PS3 for use as a Blu-ray player. I sought this so that I could explore the new advanced features of Blu-ray: BonusView PIP material and BD-Live … Continue reading

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Regulations got around, as usual

A while back some or other agency of the Australian government was talking about banning TVs that were threatening to destroy the planet. Something about using too much power, and therefore causing too much carbon dioxide to be generated. As … Continue reading

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Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-ray player going BD-Live

The other day Samsung made available a Version 2 firmware for its BD-P1500 Blu-ray player. As delivered the player was BonusView (ie. PIP) capable, and ‘BD-Live ready’. That is, it had the hardware for BD-Live (principally, the ability to access … Continue reading

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‘Heroes’: To BD-Live or Not To BD-Live

Reader James has been very kind to me. First he found and sent down some VHS tapes for me to use in a comparison (still coming). Now he has sent down Seasons 1 and 2 of ‘Heroes‘ on Blu-ray. Now … Continue reading

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Iron Man succeeds

Well, that explains things. A couple of posts ago I mentioned that US watchers of Iron Man on Blu-ray were having their Playstation 3s seize up on loading the disc. No wonder. It seems that the Blu-ray version of this … Continue reading

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The other day one of my daughters announced that she had borrowed from a friend the entire ten season series of ‘Friends‘ on DVD. When she showed me the box, a slim, professional looking, cardboard affair containing only five DVDs, … Continue reading

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Has Iron Man recovered?

This morning I checked ‘The Iron Man Blu-ray Ferro-Thread‘ and found that overnight the problems seem to have disappeared and people were getting onto BD-Live fine with the Iron Man Blu-ray. As compared to my discussion in the post before … Continue reading

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