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Does Blu-ray deliver five times, or ten times, the resolution of DVD?

I received an email today, originating from Panasonic, in which polite issue was taken with a statement I had made in a review I had written of the Panasonic DMP-BD100 Blu-ray player. The statement was: ‘there is five times as … Continue reading

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Pentax K100D digital SLR and Sigma EF-500DGST flash gun

It was recently time for a retirement. Back in September 2000 I purchased a digital camera as an aide in my writing work. It was an Olympus C-3030Z. Three megapixels, decent quality optics, it cost around $2,000. Since then it … Continue reading

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So, is Blu-ray really any better than DVD?

Well, judging by the detail of the pictures shown to the right, it most certainly looks like Blu-ray is much better than DVD. The discs concerned are the Region 4 DVD of A Knight’s Tale and the Blu-ray version thereof. … Continue reading

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Blu-ray and popup menus

Blu-ray has many wonderful things going for it, especially the sheer detail of the picture quality (more on this on another day). But one of the coolest things for me are the pop-up menus. Blu-ray is capable of delivering three … Continue reading

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Topfield releases its first HD PVR

Just received a press release from Topfield. It has now released its TF7000HDPVRt. That string of letters at the end have meaning: t=terrestrial (ie, as opposed to satellite), PVR=Personal Video Recorder, and HD=High Definition. Price? $1,299. The natural competitor to … Continue reading

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Apple’s iPod takes over the world?

Apple has announced that six significant international airlines are installing iPod support in their aircraft from next year. The airlines are Air France, Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM and United. On these airlines, seat connections will power iPods and provide a … Continue reading

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The Bitrate Trap

I’ve been experimenting a bit with downloading recordings from the Strong SRT-5490 and the Topfield TF6000PVRt digital TV receivers to my computer, editing and then burning DVDs. But there has been a problem: time. I’ve been using Ulead Movie Factory … Continue reading

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When describing the differences between standard definition and high definition TV, I generally say that the higher resolution doesn’t so much deliver more detail, but that the detail that is there is cleaner and more nicely defined. While that may … Continue reading

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Blu-ray, HD DVD and frame rates

On Monday I drove up to Sydney for the launch of HD DVD by Toshiba and Castel Electronics, Toshiba’s Australian distributor. Toshiba will be releasing two HD DVD players in the near future. First, on 10 December 2006, there will … Continue reading

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