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Slightly better than a CD

I’ve been playing with NAS drives lately, focusing on their abilities as music servers. That prompted me to see if I could get some of my high resolution music into a usable form. And indeed you can! Some of it, … Continue reading

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Too clever by half

Systems for achieving very high levels of data compression use amazingly inventive techniques. But when they are deployed, you should remain aware that what you’re getting is not identical to the original. With ‘lossy’ compression techniques such as MP3 and … Continue reading

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Not All Cover Art is Equal

Here are two screen photos of some cover art. Same TV. Same graphic embedded in the same MP3 file streamed via DLNA from the same Android phone. The only difference was which DLNA client device was producing the on-screen display: … Continue reading

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HDMI cables and 4K

Just a quick note on cheap HDMI cables. I’ve previously ranted about the unfortunate fact of expensive HDMI cables being sold in consumer shops, the outlandish claims so often made for them. A while back I purchased from The Cable … Continue reading

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