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Canberra Digital Radio finally going full service!

The ABC has just announced that from this Monday, 5 September, it will be broadcasting its local radio station, 666, on digital radio. It adds: In addition to 666 ABC Canberra, a number of other ABC radio services will also … Continue reading

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A new move in Blu-ray trailers

I’ve just been analyzing the forthcoming Roadshow Entertainment Blu-ray of the new Jason Stratham action movie, Blitz (available 22 September), and noticed something different. As with many such discs it opens with several trailers. But the trailers aren’t for Blu-ray … Continue reading

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Blue Jeans Cable

Just a quick one on HDMI cables: if you want useful and well-argued views on them I wouldn’t normally direct you to the website of a cable vendor. But Blue Jeans Cable seems to be an exception. It says things … Continue reading

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Edge enhancement: the Devil’s Work

In the next Sound and Image magazine I have a piece on the sharpness control in TVs. Specifically, it is a whinge about how many TVs come, by default, with this advanced to a picture-damaging level. I used Samsung as … Continue reading

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i Check Movies

Do you like lists? Do you like movies? One of my daughters has drawn my attention to a web site that joins those two likings together, and features an attractive design to boot. The ‘check’ in is a tick. … Continue reading

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Left eyes and right

If what you see through your left eye alone is further to the left, then it is also further to the rear. What am I talking about? UPDATE 8 August 2011: What I’m talking about is stereoscopic 3D. Look at … Continue reading

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Do we have only ourselves to blame?

Matt Briggs emailed me a link to this very interesting article in the New York Post on why movies are so dreadful: ‘Everything that’s wrong with Hollywood — We have only ourselves (and directors, actors, China) to blame‘. Of course, … Continue reading

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