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Have I mentioned I’m on twitter?

If not — or even if I have — you can follow me here:!/stephencdawson

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Silly audiophile claims … 1

I’ve been into HiFi since I was a callow youth, well before digital audio was even being recorded by the major studios, let alone made available as a consumer format. I was thrilled with the introduction of the compact disc. … Continue reading

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Which software for grabbing DVD frames?

I’ve been grabbing frames from various Blu-ray discs and DVDs, with a view to setting out some more Blu-ray vs DVD comparisons. I really ought to stop the frame grabbing, and start the comparion setting out. But I found something interesting … Continue reading

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If Audiophile USB cables are valid, then …

… surely we need audiophile network cables — CatAudiophile, perhaps? — to make sure the packets of precious audio digits are streamed without degradation from server to client. But, OMG, what about wireless! If you’re streaming over an IEEE 802.11n … Continue reading

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Appalling: ‘audiophile’ USB cables

The gains in low-end body and punch, midrange spaciousness and detail, and high-end smoothness alone are significant. So sayeth What Hi-Fi. Apparently if you spend 50 UK pounds on the Wireworld Ultraviolet USB cable (I’m assuming one metre), that’s the … Continue reading

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The shape and colour of Se7en

On 2 December 2010 Roadshow Entertainment is releasing one of the truly great movies to Blu-ray: Se7en (aka Seven). That’t not just my opinion. IMDB has it listed at #28 on user ratings. For ten years David Fincher had been … Continue reading

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A Letter to the Old Country

Yesterday I received a Blu-ray player produced by a very highly regarded UK company, which shall remain nameless. This is not a cheap Blu-ray player. But oddly it seemed rather deficient on the HDMI audio output front, not having anything … Continue reading

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Beatles on iTunes

It seems that at last The Beatles’ catalogue will be online, via iTunes.

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Hollywood sexism

Jennifer Dudley, tech journo boss for several News Limited newspapers (and a former editor of mine), has an interesting post up on The Courier Mail’s Hi-Tech Blog. Basically, she points out, the film The Social Network fails to depict any … Continue reading

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Free Blu-ray: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Yes, yours for free: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Ask for it in comments. Australian addresses only. This is a test disc, without a box, but it works fine.

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