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A bold, silly statement

UK Guardian writer John Harris says ‘The sound quality is way better than anything digital’. And he is referring to vinyl. He is a lefty and seems to be suggesting that listening to music on vinyl is, in the words … Continue reading

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It’s not just HDTV

In the previous post I noted that a poor job had been done in presenting a movie in HDTV due to its origins in SD. And then I had a look at a Blu-ray: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. First, I … Continue reading

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Variable HD TV

Last night I watched a pretty decent 1950 noir movie, The Damned Don’t Cry, which I recorded a little while ago from GEM. GEM is of course a HDTV station which means, here in Canberra, a 1,440 by 1,080 interlaced … Continue reading

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I’m planning on heading to Sydney early in the new year to catch The Hobbit in its high frame rate version. I’ll be writing something about it for Sound and Image magazine. Now Steven Novella from the Skeptics’ Guide to … Continue reading

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