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A-Weighting, the saviour of many a poor piece of equipment

The aim of makers of high fidelity audio equipment is — or at any rate, ought to be — to produce equipment that does not modify the signal, other than convert it (from a digital to analogue representation, or from … Continue reading

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Samsung lowers HD plasma prices

For the first time I can recommend a plasma display that retails for less than $AUS5,000. For years I’ve been whining about the 852 x 480 pixel resolution of so-called ‘standard definition’ plasmas as being unsuitable for Australian, Indian and … Continue reading

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Iron Chef

Certainly Iron Chef is a quirky show. It appears each Saturday evening on Australia’s SBS TV station. Even better is the information tag provided for this on digital TV: This is not a program for learning how to cook. It … Continue reading

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Minor MP3 player problem

One problem with hard disk based MP3 players is gaps. You know those CDs where the music is continuous, even across the boundaries between tracks? When you play back an MP3 album in track order on an MP3 player, there … Continue reading

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A great review of The Passion of the Christ

As a professional writer, I can’t help but feel skittish about the world class amateur writing appearing so prolifically in Blogs these days. Take this review of Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ for example. None of the reviews I … Continue reading

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Apple iPod Arrogance?

Busy doing reviews of hard disk based portable MP3 players. You know the thing. The Apple iPod and its competition. Except for one small problem. Apple, here in Australia, has a policy of not providing review samples of the iPod … Continue reading

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Mythbusting Killer CDs

Since it started up on SBS here in Australia a few weeks ago, I’ve been keenly watching MythBusters. Scientists the guys aren’t, but I do like the way they just whip up a test rig from whatever they have laying … Continue reading

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No excuses, but I’m back for the time being.

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