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Cricket in HD!

WIN TV (and presumably Channel 9) is broadcasting the Twenty/20 Australia vs Sri Lanka cricket match in proper 1080i50. Looks wonderful!

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Alien and more released, without region codes

Over at the AVS Forum the specifications for the Blu-ray release of the Alien/Aliens etc boxed set have been posted. Looks like they’ve got a healthy ~26Mbps MPEG4 AVC transfer. Two points of interest: although a Fox title, they are … Continue reading

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Blu-ray frame rates

Last night I received a question by email, and I thought I might as well deal with it here. David writes: I’m a big fan of blu ray’s 24p mode, because it eliminates two bug-bears of DVD transfers from film; … Continue reading

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To spam, or not to spam!

There are various spambots out there that look for blog commenting facilities to which they can add advertisements for some or other crap. By definition whatever they are advertising is crap, or they wouldn’t use such underhanded methods. Since I … Continue reading

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Speaking of 2.0

As Anthony points out in comments, Two Hands only scores 2.0 audio. Which is probably due to the movie producers keeping the budget down. The title presumably wasn’t big enough for Icon to spend a lot of money redoing the … Continue reading

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One hundred Blu-ray vs DVD comparisons

In the last couple of days I’ve put up Blu-ray vs DVD comparisons for Donnie Darko and Two Hands. Both are fine movies. The results for Donnie Darko (go here for the comparison) are somewhat disappointing, primarily due to the … Continue reading

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Blu-ray vs DVD comparison: Beauty and the Beast

On Blu-ray, Disney’s classic — and I reckon the best of all its animated musicals — Beauty and the Beast is available now. I see that as I write, EzyDVD seems to have sold out. I can see why: the … Continue reading

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Subtracting colours

Yesterday I got my hands on a sample of a projector that will soon be released. It worked beautifully yesterday but, as is often the case with samples, it developed a problem which appeared in fits and starts today, and … Continue reading

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Edith Piaf lives!

Well, kinda. When I went to see Inception at the cinema a month or two ago, I recall thinking at one point: is that Edith Piaf singing? I was ambivalent, because while it sounded like her, it also sounded too … Continue reading

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Foxtel disabling RF output? Apparently not.

My brother emailed this link the other day to a forum discussion in which it was alleged that Foxtel had been performing firmware updates on its various set top boxes which, for unaccountable reasons, were disabling their RF output. Obviously … Continue reading

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