Two new articles

I’ve put up my DSD vs PCM piece which was published earlier in the year in Australian HI-FI. It’s called ‘Direct Stream Digital and the Power of Imagination’.

I’ve also put up my Australian HI-FI piece on how different bit depths sound, and the usefulness of dither. It’s called ‘What Happens When You Reduce Bits?

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  1. Mans says:

    Some comments on the DSD article:

    – The Korg DSD converter is among the worst I’ve tried or seen graphs for. It does illustrate the point well, though.

    – To analyse DSD files, I usually convert them with Sox to 8-bit (using only min/max values) WAV which is readily handled by Matlab or Octave.

    – The highly regarded ESS Sabre DACs filter DSD digitally to produce a multi-bit signal feeding the actual A/D stage. AKM DACs likewise.

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