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Canberra Digital Radio lives for another year

And so does Darwin’s. Yesterday Commercial Radio Australia announced that the Australian Communications and Media Authority have extended the trial that permits digital radio to operate, at low power, in Canberra for another year. Likewise for Darwin. These are scientific … Continue reading

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Do you have a recent full HD Samsung TV?

If so, can you do me a favour? A number of Samsung TVs I’ve reviewed lately are unable to apply the ‘Screen Fit’ aspect ratio to HDTV. But that might be due to all the 1080i stations in Canberra broadcasting … Continue reading

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Beware the expert

There are advantages to old-fashioned analog music, according to some audiophiles. “There is a fuller sound to it, and more depth to the sound,” said Ryan Holiday, the New Orleans-based marketing director for American Apparel. He’s a new devotee of … Continue reading

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50th Anniversay

Today, according to the radio this morning, of The Rolling Stones’ first gig. Koupit Levitru v Praze

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This seems to be a stellar year for Universal and its back catalogue. A few days ago it announced the release of fourteen Hitchcock movies on Blu-ray, and now it has announced for around the same time an eight movie … Continue reading

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